Best kitchen scales review 2017


Kitchen scales are always a one of the first preferences in the instruments we usually use in kitchen. In that case Best kitchen scales should be used as this is related to your fitness. For that you have to be sure how much you are using. Essential steps should also be taken to protect your self any wastage of money.By using the best kitchen scales you can do that. So choose one of the products described here and utilize your element that you are using in kitchen as well as your money.

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  1. Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale
  2. Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale
  3. Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale
  4. DecoBros Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale
  5. Ozeri Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale


The product price starting from $9 goes up to $about $17. So the price is quite low in comparison of other this kind of products in market. Free shipping of these are also available. Its of course a reason to be these product as the best kitchen scales.


The first three products are from Ozeri. The brand known by all well for its best quality. The fourth product is from another distinguished brand named Decobros. The last product here is again from Ozeri zenith sub section of it.

Quantity of measurement:

The first product can measure weight up to 11Ibs (5050 grams). The second product can take the highest weight of 12 lbs (1 gram to 5.4 kg). Capacity of the third one is 12 lbs (1 gram to 5750 grams). The highest unit of weight of next product is 11lb (0~5 kg). 12 lbs: 10.80 oz (5750 g) is the highest range of the very last product here.

Parts and ingredients:

Weighting platform, digital weight showing screen, two big button including a tare button and 2AAA batteries are the parts of the first product. Elegant chrome platform for weighting, digital screen with LCD light, 2AAA batteries are core constituent of the second one. The third product is made having  the main element as touch sensitive buttons, large LCD screen, tempered glass, lithium batteries. The core ingredients of the fourth one are platform with stain gauge sensor, result screen, The last product have the items weight measurement button, tare button, LCD screen, 2 lithium batteries as the main component.

Special features:

Precision tare button counts the accurate weight by automatically subtracting the weight of any bowl or container and this is the special feature of first product. The second product has the same specialty like the first one. Besides that it has improved viewing angle for easy cooking. Advanced touch, sensitive buttons, 4 new high precision GFX sensors are the noticing and new features of the third product. The fourth one has strain gauge sensor with high precision as special feature. For the last one we can say that its design is its specialty. The product is the thinnest kitchen scale ever made. Thsts why this is easy to carry and use. Easy touch unit measuring button and tare buttons are also added.

Material used:

Chrome, stainless still or plastic can be the material of the first two products. Third one can be made by plastic or metal. Next one use stainless screen, chrome and glass as material. the final product can be combined with steel, stainless steel and chrome.


The first one is of elegant black mainly. Its combined with some other colors also like silver, lime green red etc. The featured color of the second product is stylish black but its seen in some other colors also like lime green, red, silver tea blue, white etc. The third one is completely of elegant black. The fourth one is also a combo of elegant black with silver. The final product is  colored silver.

Ozeri pronto digital kitchen and food scale:

Accurracy and easy to use motive has been taken to make the product. Entity of 0.05 oz. (1 gram) is measured accurately and stores easily. Buttons are there to generate an audible click confirmation along with working. To instantly convert from ounces to grams automatic unit converter button is set. Its able to convert pounds to kilograms. Batteries in it have an easy-access compartment. an including battery you also get with it. Full satisfaction you will get and that is the Guaranty.

Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale:

The precise entity of the product is 0.05 oz or 1 gram. Tare buttons works automatically to subtract weight of the container holding elements you are weighting. It has oversized buttons to generate audible click confirmation. For this work it takes 3-minutes. In the time it can also turn-off preserve battery life. Awsome finish at making and easy portability includes to its goodness. 2 extra batteries are provided with it.

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale:

 The product is totally Imported. Advanced system to display  weights in pounds, kilograms, grams, and ounces. Tempered glass to boast surface is there to reflect black  which is four times stronger than normal glass. Design of it deserves award no doubt. Precision Tare features with good quality is available.

DecoBros Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale:

Precise to 0.1oz and accurate measurement done by digital system totally. 0.1 oz is the smallest precise to weight. The product is with zero and Tare function . its worth to indicate volume of water and milk. Isn’t it great. With the special quality it has hold its simplicity in design so that you can use it easily. System of get off while not using is not used to see. So its adds a new dimension to the product design.

Ozeri Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale:

Highest grade SUS304 Stainless Steel is used to make the product. the surprising new feature is fingerprint resistant coating. 4 new high-precision sensors are there to bring out accurate weight from 0.05 oz to 12 lbs: 10.80 oz (5750 g) measurements done in graduations of 0.05 oz or 1 gram. Designs should be highly recognized including blue back klit LCD screen to display the weight in  lb, oz, g, fl.oz., and ml. Service, design, using techniques over all this is one of the best product in this kind.

 All the products here is great in quality and every aspects that you will need in kitchen. These are also fit to use any business place also. So you can easily admire the features and buy one of them.

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