How To Have Clear Skin


If you enhance yourself by improving your external look it surely may be helpful to you to be confident in your every sphere of life. We admit that beauty of mind is definitely more important than your external beauty. But you can be embarrassed in some places of society for your look. In some places your status is judged by your look. This is it. You just can’t ignore it. If you want to look good, you have to keep in mind that looking neat and clean is much more important than having a naturally beautiful face. So you have to take e good and regular care to look clean. For doing so you have to follow some ways.

Here we will talk about some ways for taking care of your skin.

Some basic idea of taking care of your skin:

1. Specific caring for each skin type:

In order to take care of skin yours first and foremost duty is to make sure that what kind of skin you have. You have to choose products specially designed for your skin type. Dry skin, oily skin, normal skin every types have their own requirements and you have to work on them

2. Washing your face:

You can choose morning and evening for washing your face as you go for work in morning and come from work in evening. You have to certainly wash your face with face wash minimum twice a day. Moreover you should wash face after playing or having exercise and etc.

3. Paying special attention to sensitive areas:

Some parts of your face (lips, eye contour) have sensitive skin. They need to be taken special care. You have to take softly care of them while washing or having some other treatment. For doing so you may use cotton or something soft.

4. Cleansing:

Removing making carefully is so important for skin. For sensitive skin, it becomes essential to remove make up with special cleansing and care. You can use pH-neutral make-up remover not to stress your skin and to keep a natural balance. Bur most importantly you can follow any type of cleansing process and product but apply that regularly.

5. Noticing a risk area: your eyes:

We usually know that our eye contour skin is ten times thinner than the skin on the other part of the face or other part of body. You should fix a specific way to remove make up from this area. For this you can use a product mentioned here. So many people used this and we found a positive outcome from them about this product.

OZ Naturals

– This is the best eye gel or eye cream for dark circles puffiness and wrinkles. This eye gel treatment can be taken for every eye concern. This contains 100% natural ingredients. So it is considered to be the most effective and potent eye gel. So people review of this product is very good all over the world.

6. Exfoliating is unavoidable:

You have to use a perfect exfoliation treatment at least twice a week. It must be effective for every kind of skin. You can choose a pH-neutral exfoliation product for this. This is suitable for making skin smooth and pure.


7. Moisturizing is important:

Main two layers of our skin are epidermis and dermis. 70% water consists of dermis. 15% water consists of epidermis. Skin must be kept well moisturized. Using daily moisturizing skin care products can be chosen for this special treatment of skin. That cream usually keeps the balance of water of skin. Moisturizing mask and spray are also two alternatives in this path.

8. Using hypoallergenic make-up:

Often it is seen that you have to take make up though you don’t want to do that. In that case hypoallergenic make up should be used for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin responds differently than normal skin. So we have to be careful about that. Allergenic products must be avoided.

9. Protecting from sun:

In every season you should choose sunscreen products for your skin and daily use it. Harmful effects of sun are controlled by them. Sunscreens which are with SPF from 25 to 35 of protection are recommended to use. The sun’s rays are equally damaging in winter months. So you should not forget the sunscreen in winter.

10. Leaving external stress:

Stress, pollution has harmful effects on the skin. Skincare products can be used to protect your skin from daily stresses as well as pollution. You have to avoid to be tensed about anything

11. Leaving smoking and other bad habits:

You have to lead a healthy life to have a nice skin. You have to follow a balanced diet, leave smoking drinking and other bad habits to have a fresh skin. These are the effective natural procedure of making your healthy glowing and diseases free.

12. Don’t neglect the lips:

Whenever you feel the need, use a restorative cream for the lips immediately. There is nothing to feel shy o hesitate to apply this again and again in front of people. Remember that it is a part of your skin care

13. Using anti aging formulas:

Who wants to look older earlier? People get older but his mind does not. So everyone wants to look as younger as they can. In this case you can use some anti aging formulas including some good products that can make you much younger than actually you are. Take this product as an example as many people has used this and had a good effect in their life.

Pure Body Naturals –This is the best organic vitamin c serum for face. It contains 20% vitamin c, e and hyaluronic acid serum. It is one the best anti aging serum moisturizers that have natural ingredients including organic aloe, amino blend. Professional anti aging creams facial skin and wrinkle serum show care to boost collagen, repairs sun dark circles, sun damage, age spots and reduces fine lines. It also leaves firms and gives youthful & glowing skin.

14. Being careful about what you are using on your skin:

What you put into your body affects how well it functions. That is not known to most people. So what you are putting on your face must be of good quality. People often don’t have the proper guideline about products. In that case you can check online the people’ review and mostly trust them.

15. Caring for dry skin in Summer:

Dry skin gets faster than sunburn. You can maintain the period before 11:00 a.m. and after 2:00 for tanning. It is found that some chemicals in sunscreens responsible for your to skin burn. So you should use a good quality lotion to prevent dry skin.

16. Taking good are in pregnancy period:

Expecting child is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. In this period there come some changes in women’s body. By taking some fundamental skin care steps you can help to minimize the effects of common skin problems due to pregnancy. You can use shielding lotion as a step.

17. Removing unexpected hair:

Unexpected hair in many particular parts on your body should be removed to take good care of your body. It makes your smooth and clean. Removing hair from your body makes you fresh and lighter also.

18. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables:

Many fruits and vegetables are very effective for skin. Fruits and vegetables specially which contains vitamin C,D and E are very good for skin. It makes your skin glowing naturally. So you can keep fruits like strawberries, bananas, and other common fruits and vegetables which are high in vitamins E, D and C in your regular food list. You have to also drink plenty of water every day.

19. Being careful about making tattoos on your body:

Tattoos are not so good for your skin. Having so much tattoos surely harm your skin. So you have to be careful in what time distance and how you are making tattoos on your body. You have to think about your age. Skin responds differently at different ages. So you have to be careful about your age in case of making tattoos.

20. Being Careful about your skin sensitivity:

There is surely difference between men and women’s skin. So at the time of using any products you have to keep in mind about your skin sensitivity according to your gender. A male’s skin is definitely tough than a woman’s. So any product of women will not work on men’s skin. Even they may do harm to it. Same thing can be said for women. Women’s skin will be harmed badly by using any men’s product or skin treatment.

21. Making sure you get a lot of exercise in the week.

Make sure you sweat every now and then.

22. Getting enough sleep.

Teenagers need to sleep around 8-10 hours and adults usually need to sleep around 8 hours. Not getting enough time to sleep will surely make you feel tired throughout the day and will also give you dark circles under your eyes. So sleep well.

23. Avoiding wearing makeup.

Nobody will disagree that make up is a completely artificial thing. Natural beauty is admired everywhere. So any beauty specialist will never recommend taking make up for enhancing beauty. So try to avoid make up.

24. Being careful about pimple:

Avoid popping pimple. Pimple is a very common thing. So don’t need to worry about this. If you pop pimple, infection may be inserted in your skin through this. So, if some of you are thinking that popping pimple is the solution of it. Then you are so wrong. By popping pimple you can even get a permanent spit on that place in your face. So be very careful about this.

25. Making sure that Sunglass or glasses are not making harm to your skin:

While wearing glasses or sun glass be assured that they are clean. You can clean them to keep dirt or infection away from your skin. If you wear unclean glasses regularly, it may affect you by giving you spots on the both side of your nose, eyes or ears. So don’t take this matter lightly.

In the conclusion we can say that our skin is very precious to us. So we have to very careful about it. We should take care of it for not only a pretty look but also for being healthy. We firstly have to understand what type of skin we have and then we have to proceed to take care of according to the type. We can say many things about the care of our skin but the most important thing is that what suits your skin. Just find the specific procedure and follow that. This will surely make you satisfied with your skin. Thus you can have a healthy skin for a long time or you can also hold you youth in this way. Above all your skin needs care to be prevented from many types of skin diseases. Negligence to your skin may create many skin problems including skin cancer. So take care of your skin regularly and be healthy.



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