How to Lighten Dark Underarm Naturally and Fast


Are you frustrated or embarrassed with your dark underarm problem? Don’t worry. You can fix your problem with the help of a doctor that means medically. Another super cool way is home remedies or natural remedies. You can fix your dark armpits very fast by using a natural bleaching agent. Want to Know how and by what? Keep reading.

Before fixing the problem, you should know what the reasons are.

Causes of dark armpits

  • Excessive use of alcohol-containing deodorant for a long period
  • Use of razor or blade for removing hair from armpits.
  • Tight fitting clothes that have no proper ventilation
  • Lack of carefulness and cleanliness.
  • The dead cell under the arms

The natural way to lighten dark underarm

Some vegetables and fruits contain acidic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This bleaching agent helps you to lighten your underarm in several days.

Message with Potato:

Just make some slice of the potatoes and rub the slice on the underarm. Or you may blend the potatoes and use the juice for 10 minutes every day.


Use Just like the potato slice. Slice the cucumber and rub on the slice on the underarm. Or may make a paste of cucumber with lemon and turmeric. Apply the paste for 15 minutes and then wash off.


 Lemon contains citric acid. It removes the dry cell of your underarm and makes lighten. If you use the lemon slice every day it will dry your skin. So, it would be better to make a scrub with lemon, honey and yoghurt and apply it daily for 1 month and you will see the result of how effective it is.

Egg Oil:

Egg Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acid that helps to grow new cell. Wash PH balance soap every day for skin care.

Sugar and Olive Oil:

Make a solution of 2 tablespoon brown sugar and olive oil. Mix the solution perfectly and apply it for one or two minutes. Then wash off the mixture. Try to apply it twice a week. It will bring a rapid result.

Baking soda & Rose Water:

Make a thick scrub of baking soda and rose water and apply it on your underarm. Continue the process until you get the expected result

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil contains vitamin E and it helps to remove the dark screen. continuous use of coconut oil makes the skin smooth and lighten the dark area. Another important fact of coconut oil that it is a natural deodorant.


Remove the skin of the Orange and dry the dermis of the orange in the sun. Then paste it and make the scrub with rose water. It is a very effective way to remove the dead cell of the armpits.


Milk contains lactic acid. Make a scrum with 3 tablespoon milk, 1 tablespoon yoghurt, 1 tablespoon flour. Apply the paste on the dark underarms for minimum 15 minutes. It will help to remove the dead cell and lighten your dark underarms

Pumice stone:

You can use the pumice stone to remove the dead cell from your underarm. Just rub the pumice stone with warm water smoothly to remove the dead cell. The stone is available in any beauty soap.

Pro Tips:

Shaving vs Waxing:

Shaving is responsible in most case pf dark underarms. although we have some best Trimmers that anyone can use. also You should start waxing because it removes the hairs from the roots.


Deodorants contain chemicals and alcohol. It makes the skin rough. If you have not the problem of bad odour of underarms you stop use deodorants immediately.

Control Your Diet:

Diet control will give you not only a nice figure but also a dark underarm indirectly.

Oral contraceptives pill:

If you take an oral contraceptive pill, you should find the alternative way of birth control.

Hope it will help to lighten the dark underarm naturally.

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