How To Straighten Curly Hair without damaging it


There are many women with naturally curly hair who want to have to straighten their hair, and many women love to have curled. But, they all have to straighten their hair oft and again. Last week, Lauren Seabrook, one of my clientele, came to me and told, her hair was becoming rough day by day. She has a natural curl, and as much as she loves to curl, she loves straightening hair more than that. After a brief discussion, I came to understand that, due to a lack of proper use of hair straightener, her hair got damaged. So, I think, every woman should have an idea about “How to Straighten Curly Hair without Damaging it” to avoid hair damage.

Like Lauren Seabrook, many women have already damaged their hair with flat iron due to their unawareness. Keeping them in my mind, today, I am going to share how to straighten curly hair correctly. I think it will be helpful for all.


Before starting straightening, you need to collect some essentials. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on a list of requirements you need is-

  •  Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner
  •  A Soft Towel or T-shirt
  •  A Wide-Toothed Comb
  •  Heat Protector Hair Spray or Thermal Smoother Cream
  •  A Hair Dryer
  •  Some Hair-slides
  • A high-Quality Hair Straightener of Your Needs
  •  Setting Spray


Now, it is time to straightening the hair. There are mainly two steps of straightening hair- Preparing the hair for straightening, starting to straighten curly hair correct ways.


It is essential to prepare the hair to avoid hair damage. Otherwise, your hair will damage permanently. For preparing, do the following task.

Wash off your hair properly with shampoo. During shampoo, don’t rub your hair. Wet your hair, apply the shampoo, and rinse gently. Finally, wash off the shampoo with the water. Keep remembering that, shampoo non-branded shampoo will be one of the causes of hair damage. Buy brand quality shampoo from the trusted source. Conditioning (deep conditioning, if needed) is also necessary so that your hair will not be getting rough.

Remove the water from the hair with a soft towel. It will be better for the hair if it is possible to use a T-shirt. Don’t rumple your hair. Squeeze the hair gently, and then untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb carefully.

Apply the heat Protectant thoroughly on the hair to protect the hair from heat damage. If you want, you may use Thermal Hair Smoother Cream on your damp your hair, no problem! But, don’t apply it on your root, got it? Use a brush or a wide-tooth comb again to distribute the serum to the entire hair.

Dry up your hair using a hair dryer properly. Before using a blow hair dryer, divide the hair into several sections with clips. It will be convenient for you.


Now your hair is ready for getting the desired shape you want. As we are talking on the straightening process, so let’s have a journey to “How to straighten the curly hair without damaging it.”

Pick up your flat iron and let it warm up. Oh, another thing! I have forgotten to tell you that the defective products will damage your hair. So, try to buy the Best Flat Iron for Black Hair from a trusted source.

However, set the temperature level first. Then divide your hair into several sections and place them with hair-slides. Gather a small portion of hair into your finger, place the flat iron from 1 and a half inches away from the root and pull the iron as quickly as possible to the downward. Don’t repeat this process on the same portion. If needed, spray the heat Protectant again on the individual section, and then repeat it. Don’t let your hair over wet, ok? Be careful!

This way, straighten all of the portions carefully. After completing this mission, apply a setting spray to your hair. It will last your hair long. I hope, from now, no one will have to burn their hair with flat iron.

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