How you can be slim removing extra weight/fat of your body


There are many slim people who want to increase their weight and be fat but they who are already fat and carry extra obese in their body only can understand the importance of losing weight.

Fat persons face difficulties in every step in their daily activities. In moving various places like schools, colleges, universities, offices etc, wearing clothes, shocks, doing romance with wife, in running, walking and so on. Even a fat person is a topic of fun for other people like classmates, colleges etc.

I was also suffering from overweight for last few months. In 3 months my waist has become 32’’ from 35’’ and weight has become 68 from 74.

I want to clear that I am not a diet or workout expert. The diet and workout plan I have followed, I got benefits from that and so I want to share this experience with all and writing this post.

Suppose your target is to lose extra fat and weight from your body and you don’t go to gym. What is fat, why does it occur, what is BMI…..I will not go any theoretical discussion like this because practical knowledge will be more helpful for you than the theoretical discussion. But for this post discussion on some topic is essential.

Firstly let’s talk about our body and food habits.

The foods we all take every day the main ingredients of those are 6-carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and water. Mixing all this elements we get our work power and daily calories that we need for our body. Now everyday how much calories you have before knowing that let’s know about how much calories we need every day to maintain all process of our body properly and live a healthy life.

The necessity of calories and the burnt calories everyday is of course not the same for a man who works whole day sitting on his table in his office and a man who remains on running (here we meant marketing type jobs by saying remains on running). It is natural that who is more active or industrious he needs more calories. If we pass the whole day only by lying or sitting and without doing any work even then also our body will burn 1700-2200 kilocalories only for our normal survival.

Now you may ask that if we don’t take food for one day that means if we don’t burn calories for a day than what will be happen. In that case there are some funny facts also.

A frog reserves extra fats by eating only 6-8 months in a year. For this they don’t need to eat in winter. They gather energy form the reserved fat in their body. They pass the whole winter like this. We can find many more animals as examples like frogs. Not only frog but also they gather calories from the reserved fat of their body.

Though you don’t have any food in a day you need 1700-2200 kilo calories for your survival.

Now where will your system find these calories?

There is no comparison of format factory as universal converter. You will find every conversion tool in this like audio, video, image, document etc.

Your stomach is a universal converter as like this.

Many of us think that if we only eat vegetables, fish and many other healthy foods and avoid eating any kind of fatty food then our weight will not be increased. Thus we will not be fat because we are eating except any fatty food.

It is completely wrong idea.

Whenever you will eat extra calories than you need for your body your stomach will convert that as fat and store to use in future. So it is clear that calories eaten more than necessity are fat. In a result you will be fat and have obese in your body. So if there is not a balance in the calories you eat and you burn you will definitely face danger.

Now let’s see how many calories you need in doing exercise in gym or other physical activities in your daily life. You can burn 350 kilocalories by running continuously 30 minute in a medium speed what you will not be able to burn by doing exercise 2 hours in gym because in gum you are not working out continuously. You take and have to take a rest after sometime in doing this. So in gym you are working out with a break. But when you are running your calories are burning continuously and as pulse.

Look at the following chart carefully and you will be cleared everything.



Now there is some interesting news for married people. We found in many workout researches that in one hour sexual intercourse 350-400 kilocalories are burnt. Wait. Don’t run towards the bedroom hearing that. 😛

How much kilocalories you can burn by sexual intercourse that is dependent on your age, weight, intensity level and some other matters.

What a good luck of married people. But in this topic I am not going in detail discussion in this post. If most of my readers are married then I will write a big and detailed post about this topic.

Exercise: running:

*You should run regularly in morning or evening whenever you get time. Running is a universal exercise. During running small muscles also work including the large muscles of your body.

*If you run in morning then you can drink juice mixing lemon, honey and water 30 minute before of starting running. In making this juice you have to follow the instructions.

Take a glass of hot water and mix a half spoon of lemon and a full spoon of honey in that. If you mix it in cold water that will work in reverse. That means that will increase your weight.

The acid of lemon is harmful for the teeth. So after drinking it you can brush your teeth immediately. After finishing running you will find that your belly is totally clear. Food poising, problems in metabolism, acidity including these many problems will not occur for you. If you run in evening then eat before minimum 2 hours before of starting running. Don’t run in a full of belly.

*During running don’t take breath by mouth. Take breath by your nose then you will be able to hold your breath.

*Don’t run fast as Usain bolt in the beginning. If you do so then you will be tired soon and this will not be so good for your health. Many people think that if they run fast the will be able to burn more calories. But the fact is not that. You need not to run like a horse. Start to run being relaxed. Choose a speed that you can maintain over the whole time of your running.

*For the workout go to the play list of the internet. You can download the timing of running as your own choice. Then you will find a rhythm.

*During running don’t talk. Doing this your rhythm and energy both will be lost. You can keep chocolate or chewing gum in mouth. Don’t chew it or eat it off. Just keep in mouth. For this you don’t need to drink water again and again or you will not feel thirsty. If you run 10 minutes on first day then after 2/3 days extend 2/3 minutes.

Now come to the point of food habits:

If you have a habit to eat rice in morning then leave it for some month. You can eat bread with vegetables. But forget eating bread with potato fries or egg.

*Eat less in night than you eat in noon as we don’t have to work in night. (There are exceptions for married!) And you must eat 2/3 hours before of sleeping. Who goes to sleep after some time of having dinner they have the most probability of being fat.

*Eat potato as less as per you can. Even avoid eating potatoes in vegetables if you can. During eating take less rice and more vegetables. Rice doesn’t come to any benefit for your body. It is so good if you can use a little oil in cooking vegetables. It is even better if you can eat it boiled.

*Avoid completely oil fried things. Yes you have to resist yourself for some months from eating fast foods like chicken fries, burger and so on.

*Sweets, beef, cold/soft drinks and all the junk food have to be forgotten for some months.

*Leave the habit of eating salt during eating. Use salt as per your taste at the time of cooking.

*It is good to have a habit of drinking milk but it is better to drink it after mixing a little water in it. Don’t eat thick milk or butter.

*Measure your body and weight once in a week.

Here is a calories chart. You will find here what food has how much calories. Through this it will be easier for you to eat foods as your need because you will understand the how much calories and how much food you need.





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