Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss


Weight loss means to reduce whole body mass. It means the total loss of body fat and fluid specifically depositing of bone mineral, muscle, ligament, and other connective tissues. It increases owing to the loss of body fat, protein and other substances in the body, sometimes great loss can also be exhausted. People have to burn a large amount of calories to lose weight than to eat. There are many way to decrease body mass. But juicing is the most useful, effective and natural way to shrink body mass. It is helpful and nutritious for our health as well as it reduces our body weight.

Juicing is helpful to lose weight

Juicing is very helpful for weight loss. There are many examples, documents, histories of reducing weight by juicing. It is the tastiest, fastest and natural way to loss body mass. This provides a lot of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes to our body in a natural way. Juicing is mainly produced by natural fruits and vegetables.

Methods of weight loss by Juicing

There are many method by which juicing reduces our body weight. Some of them are given below-

  • Natural sources: Juicing is produced by all natural fruits and vegetables which is the source of energy. Food which contains chemicals and additives contribute to weight gain. Moreover, juicing is free from all additives as it controls exactly all drinking elements.
  • Prospects: Now a day we are suffering from many diseases for eating delicious hygienic food instead of eating fresh natural food. It takes less time to produce but serves delicious, fresh and nutritious food.
  • Avoids hunger: Your body becomes hungry for the lacking of nutrients but juicing removes your hunger. In this way, you will eat less junk food cravings. You should avoid junk food to keep you healthy.
  • Detox and its effect: Your kidneys and liver are protected by chlorophyll which remains in green juice. You spend a lot of money by eating hygienic food. But if you spend very few money to eat juice, it will protect these important organisms.
  • More energy: Juicing provides you more energy and keeps you fresh and healthy. When you make juicing a part of your lifestyle, you will get more energy to do work outside home.
  • Flavor: You love to eat more healthy vegetables. You can get the best result from juicing without eating raw vegetables. So you can get the real flavor of vegetables without eating it.

Recipe for Weight Loss with Flush Juice

At present our environment is very harmful. This put on the issues like the air, our water, chemicals which are used in agriculture. Most people are conscious about their living to all kinds of toxic elements and pollution. But very few people recognize about the effect of these toxins to our health. This causes our weight loss.

Juice is the most effective methods to stop your cells with huge amounts of essential minerals and nutrients. There are many causes why juicing is so useful, some examples are given below:

  • A large amount of fruits and vegetables are used for producing juice. So you are eating a large amount of minerals, vitamins and other plant-based nutrients which are impossible to get eat at one time by eating a particular fruit or vegetable.
  • Juice requires scarcely any digestion, so all its nutritious goodness gets quickly into your system. It works rapidly by giving your digestive process rest. Your body can clean out old matter by using that saved energy. The amount of old matter contains a person is about 5-10 pounds. Feasting is a proper way to discharge these which gives the body a remarkable fortuitous to restore.
  • When your belly becomes vacant you give your belly to restore new energy and it works as a clean house without the added burden of digestion, which takes a lot of time and energy. Now the body is completely ready to work in different parts like detoxing the liver and kidneys. After drinking it takes within 10 to 15 minutes to provide energy in the cells, glands, tissues and other organs of the body.
  • Heart Health: The antioxidant vitamins C and E prevent the harmful effect of free radicals on blood vessel walls. They help to lower triglycerides levels and prevent blood from sticking, clotting and becoming toxic. A large amount of vitamin E can be attained by adding asparagus, kiwi, spinach and blackberries in your juice recipes.
  • Liver Detoxification:  The primary functions of the liver are to support the body’s detoxified.  This is involved to detoxify injurious materials without entering the blood and harms the body. Juicing is important for periodic cleaning of the liver in maintaining good health.  The burden on the liver is reduced by fresh juices and is given a chance to catch up.

Recipe for Producing Fat Flush Juice

Fat burning fruits and vegetables are loaded with this juice and it will get your metabolism screaming.


  • 2 unwrapped oranges
  • 1 unwrapped pink grapefruit
  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • 1 gathering min



You should run all ingredients through a juicer and enjoy. (Marks 16oz)

It will take 3 minutes prepare all the ingredients and will run in the juicer for 3 minutes. So it will take total 6 minutes to prepare a tasty juice. This juice is enjoyable and unusually sour and is a great way to start your day.

Beets and Treats


  1. Orange – 1 fruit
  2. Pineapple – 1/4 fruit
  3. Cabbage (red)
  4. Beet Root – 1 beet
  5. Carrots – 3 medium
  6. Lemon – 1/2 fruit
  7. Spinach – 2 handful

Final preparation:

You should have to prepare all the ingredients carefully. Then run these ingredients through the juicer. Finally the tasty juice is prepared to serve.


Lemon juice helps to preserve indigestion and constipation types of disease. Lever can be cleaned by the carrots which can help with digestion. The high fiber content in spinach so that it can wash the system. Chronic constipation will be relieved by drinking beets juice frequently. Oranges have an alkaline effect in the digestive system.

Weight Loss by Liver and Blood Purifying:

Weight loss can be done by adding lemon juice to a beverage. The cleaning merits in beets juice are very curative for liver nonpoisonous. Beets also help to clean the blood. Moreover beets clean the colon and support the liver and gall bladder. Available iron is produced in the body by the copper which contains in beets. The great blood builder is the iron that remains in spinach. Thus our liver and blood are partially protected by this juice and helps metabolize fat.

Weight loss is very important to save us from many critical diseases. Hence we can say juicing is the best natural method to keep us fresh and healthy.


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