Know 63 effective ways to lose weight


Maintaining a balanced weight is very essential for having a god health. If you have too much weight there is no alternative to lose it. So many people often face difficulties to lose their weight fast in a short time. They stay in a hurry to lose weight and face dangers. However follow these 63 instructions and lose your extra weight.

  1. Cook your food by yourself:

Though your hand is not good at cooking, try yourself and cook your food. For this learn to cook the recipes of healthy foods for you.

  1. Collect the VCD of your learning the recipes:

There is also many VCD of containing many effective ways of exercises are available in market. You will be so helpful if you follow these kinds of VCD during exercise.

  1. Learn service size:

Taking food doesn’t mean that you have to eat full of plate every time. Leave this kind of mentality. Eat a little in a small bawl.

  1. Click photos of yours:

Click photo of yours before starting follow these rules and click photos also after a while. Maintain this habit of clicking photo. Click photos of everyday if you can. This will help you to compare yours current and previous health. Compare your before both version and it will be cleared to you how much you have proceed at your task.

  1. Dancing:

Dancing is a good exercise. Weight can be lost by dancing.

  1. Learn to distinguish between good and bad food:

Choose good foods to plan your food list and follow that plan of taking good foods regularly.

  1. Bring variety in exercise:

If your physical exercise becomes boring then it will not work. For this reason you have to bring variety in physical exercise.

  1. Imagine:

Imagine about your body how you want to make this. Imagine of a fit body. For this your interest will grow up.

  1. Eat vegetables:

Eating vegetables is very helpful for your digestive system. Eating more and more essential vegetables for your body help to lose your weight.

  1. Walking and cycling:

Build a habit of walking and cycling except the machine based vehicles.

  1. Be realistic:

You have to be realistic about your about losing your weight. You can’t lose your half weight just exercising for a few days. In this case you can remove your 10 pounds of weight in a month.

  1. Don’t avoid protein:

Egg, meat, fish etc are the main sources of protein. During losing weight these kinds of foods are essential. But if you are a vegetarian you can take advice from a nutritionist and plan a food list containing foods which have the same nutrition.

  1. Don’t forget to have breath during exercise:

During physical exercise don’t lose your breaths. Take so much oxygen as you can.

  1. Remove bread:

Remove bread from your food list.

  1. Take measurement regularly:

For your workout the changes are coming in your body keep notice to them. Take measurement of your body regularly. For this keep a tape always beside of your hands.

  1. Take rest after working:

After working your muscles need rest. So allot enough time for taking rest.

  1. Avoid salad dressing:

Salad is a very healthy food. But using dressing in this is harmful for your health.

  1. No processed foods:

Leave eating processed foods of factories. Without this make a habit of eating healthy fruits.

  1. No crash diet:

Leave crash diet to lose weight rapidly. For this your health can face severe problems.

  1. Leave taking foods being emotional:

For your physical need and to fulfill your hunger take foods. In spite of that, to satisfy yourself mentally or only for only your greed or being impressed of the look of the foods don’t take those. Leave habit of having extra foods. Only eat according the need of your physical need.

  1. Eat foods five times in a day:

If you take food five times in a day daily then your hunger for the next time will lose.

  1. Don’t eat being absent minded:

Leave the tendency of thinking about various other things during eating.

  1. Don’t leave breakfast:

There are many positive sides of breakfast. It is effective to lose weight also.

  1. Shut down your TV before eating:

To give attention to the foods sit to eat after shutting down your TV.

  1. Keep along healthy foods:

Don’t eat junk foods of street. You can keep along with you salad, peanuts or fruits.

  1. Eat with a few people:

If you eat with so many people, it will increase your tendency of eating more.

  1. Make a list of snacks:

Taking snacks again and again increase your weight rapidly. So fix e time to eat snacks also. Remember that you should not eat more than five times including breakfast, lunch and snacks of afternoon.

  1. Keep a note of foods you are eating:

Write in a note book that you are eating daily. It will make easy to you to understand how much food will lose how much weight of yours.

  1. Leave eating junk foods:

Leave buying and bring in home the foods that are harmful to health.

  1. Make a list:

Make a list of the reasons for what you want to lose your weight. Keep your eyes regularly on the list. This will inspire you.

  1. Deserts after eating:

You can eat sweet as desert after eating healthy foods in lunch r dinner. Don’t eat sweets in empty belly.

  1. Take a break:

Keep trying of losing weight but you can take a little break in this plan also.

  1. Share:

Share foods with your friends. By doing this quantity of calories will lose as well friendship will improve.

  1. Have a count of holidays:

Many people often forget to do workout in the holidays. Make a use of holidays leaving this habit.

  1. Eat slowly:

If you eat slowly, it will increase your habit of taking foods in a standard quantity. So you have to decrease your speed of eating.

  1. Be busy:

Spend your time in doing any work though you have so much time. Don’t waste your time by lying idly. Idle time will increase your tendency of having foods.

  1. Reward yourself:

Reward your body after gaining the wanted goal of losing weight. It can be any tasty food or drinks also.

  1. Listen to your body:

Your body will specify you how much food you want. Listen to those words of your body.

  1. Change unhealthy foods:

Change unhealthy foods from your food list and make a habit to eat healthy foods.

  1. Lose mental pressure:

Many times mental pressure is responsible for growing up someone’s weight. So losing mental pressure is so important.

  1. Avoid using soda:

Leave completely drinking soda and others soft drinks like this. In spite of that you can drink healthy fruit juice.

  1. Read fitness magazine and books:

You will find many types of advices for losing weight in fitness magazines or this type of books. Find suitable way for yourself from these books and magazines.

  1. Enough sleep:

For losing weight of course there is importance of sleeping enough. Sleep 7-9 hours daily.

  1. Drink enough water:

Our brain often mixes the feeling of hunger and thirst. So drinking enough water can lose hunger also.

  1. Be inspired:

For losing weight you should work as your own inspiration.

  1. Drink a glass of water before eating:

Drink a glass of water 10-15 minutes before of eating. As a result you will be able to lose your hunger and your stomach will get and perfect environment of digestion.

  1. Love someone:

In research it is found that loving someone is helpful in losing weight. So love someone so much.

  1. Drink black coffee:

Drink coffee free from sugar and milk. It will be good for losing weight.

  1. Keep your car far:

If you use a personal car for moving then park it far away. If you do so, you have to walk to go to the office after getting off the car.

  1. Kiss:

One kiss loses 5-6 calories in a minute. So for losing weight it can be a way.

  1. Use stairs:

Use stairs avoiding lift whenever you get a chance. It will be so helpful for you.

  1. Don’t leave hope:

Losing weight is not an easy work. It doesn’t happen suddenly. For this you have to keep trying with patience. If you start or finish it suddenly it will make various physical problems.

  1. Find a someone of same mentality:

If you face difficulties in maintaining the rules of losing weight then find someone for this work who is also willing to lose weight. He can be your friend. Do the work together.

  1. Take inspiration from the stars:

Many stars are successful to lose their weight. Take inspiration from any of yours favorite stars.

  1. Leave negativity:

In every phase of life negativity is woeful. So leave the negativity or cheapness of mind. In the case of losing weight this will bring you benefits.

  1. Take help from an instructor:

If you can’t follow the effective way to lose your weight as your desire then you can take help of any professional instructor. They are experts in this field.

  1. Be along the persons of positive mind:

Being along the persons of positive mind will increase your mental strength to a high level. For this reason it will seem easy to you to control your weight.

  1. Buy slim dresses of your choice:

Buy dresses that you will need when you will get your desired weight. By doing this your will of controlling weight will be seen at-least for wearing that dress.

  1. Take a companion:

It often seems difficult to maintain the program of losing weight. But if you get a companion it will be easier.

  1. Buy sports jersey or dresses:

Buy suitable dresses for sports. Wearing those dresses workout will be so comfortable and pleasing.

  1. Exercise at-least a something everyday:

Do some exercises with your daily activities regularly. By doing this your body will be fit as well as it will be easy for you to lose weight also.

  1. Avoid weight measuring machine:

In the case of losing weight it will be necessary to measure your weight by machine. But use a tape to measure the change of your bodies shape as alternative of the weight measuring machine. It will show you the right instruction on which part of your body you have to work out most.

  1. Exercise 30 minutes long before the breakfast:

Exercising 30 minutes long before the breakfast is so effective for losing weight. Remember that during this exercise your heartbeats have to vary up from 120 to 130.


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