The Top 10 Amazing Tips Of Removing Dark Circles


Dark circle around eye is not an uncommon term for anyone. Girls at teenage and after that period face the problem very often. There can be various ways that can be maintained to prevent the problem.


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10 Amazing Tips Of Removing Dark Circles

Having proper sleep and rest

Most of us don’t have appropriate sleep at night which is one of the biggest reasons of having dark circles. We should not take so much work stress and should have a proper sleep at night. Too much coffee, alcohol also affects eye and makes dark circles. We should also avoid having these too much

Eating proper foods

No medical tip or care will work if your diet is not well. Lack of nutrition can not consider fresh look for you and the ultimate results are dark circles around eye. We have to follow a proper diet chart having adequate vitamin and minerals. Beside we should have plenty od water regularly to avoid this

Using rose water

Use rose water regularly to make your eye calm and cool from internal cells. You have to use cotton and soak that in rose water and then apply that around eye. Eye cells gets needed coolness and makes skin more comfortable.

Having tomato and potato

Mash potato and tomato and make a mixture of them to apply around eye. These preserves the minerals and blooms up skin every side of eye.

Applying egg in raw form

We should apply egg’s white part only on sensitive skin layer. This makes layers more protective and never let the skin dark easily. This makes loose skin stronger so that they can’t be affected by sun.

Applying cucumber, mint and avocado

Cucumber, and avocado mixture with the touch of mint is no old authentic and lively solution. With the natural touch of them eye’s skin becomes harder from inner cells and makes protected from sun effects.

Using special paste

Some things work at any situation like paste. Paste made with natural elements always preferred for the dark circle problem. Milk, yogurt, carrot and papaya make a unique and effective combination. We can use the paste regularly as dark circle treatment.

Using skin band strips

Skin band strips is one of the mostly common formula used in treatment center or purlour. We can use this at home also. This always hels skin to be tight so that no dark circle or loose skin can effect skin around eye.

Having oils

Oil layer makes an internal layer on skin on every side of eye to make that free from dark circles. Oils like coconut, jojoba, almond, castor, argon and olive oil make so benefits for loose or affected skin. We should massage oils at the side of eye to soak the preservatives from those oils to fight with dark cells around eye.

Supplements and medicines

Mineral containing supplements and medicines always make worth to the dark circles we face regularly. Vinegar and baking soda can be applied as a paste in a form of medicine. We can take the vitamin and mineral supplements to cover the lack in body of them. We also can take proper spa care for them.

In every sense we prescribe the natural ways. In natural ways or artificial we should concern the removal of dark circles. For that we can measure one of these 10 ways. We can experiment with our skin type then choose and maintain them to continue everyday.

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