Way of gaining muscles and increasing weight


You all know that eating foods with high calories and junk food increases our weight. You may ask that weather we should eat potatoes, fast foods, sweets, cold drinks etc more and more then to increase weight.

Yes you can do so. Your weight will be increased. It should be as logic says. But where there is fact of being healthy, there we have to step forward carefully. Fatty foods increase weight but the fact is the natural digestive system and metabolism of everyone is not the same. Whenever you will eat junk food more and more to increase your weight your digestive system will get pressurized more and more. Then at a moment you can be ill in this way of increasing weight. There are many way of increasing weight but all of them are not healthy for you. There are many reason of not increasing weight. I will not go in that discussion because the article will be much extended then and many people will be irritated to read this.

I will discuss today how you can increase your weight naturally and avoiding increasing pressure on your digestive system.

My friend shammo said that he used to eat so much but still he could not increase his weight. Forgetting about all of his friends and brothers he used to eat in KFC, BFC, Star kabab and many other places with his girlfriend but he did not find any change in him. He remained the same shammo yet.

Yes this is not just a story of Shammo. Many examples like this are around of us. They who can’t increase weight after eating a lot in the language of gym they are the “hard gainer” or we can say easily they are the real giant. Because this type of people have so good digestive system and metabolism that exactly after eating they can digest the food so fast that the calories burn so fast and for that can’t help to increase their weight. On this issue that their weight doesn’t increase they destroy worlds all the good foods. They are responsible for this. We are lucky that numbers of this kind of giants are a few. Otherwise they would destroy the whole system of the food chain which might start famine.

Let’s come to the point. Again many of you will find the reverse. You become fat so fast though you eat a little. These kinds of people have a low metabolism. Now you can ask that which one is good having a low metabolism or high. Well if you go in a showroom to buy a bike, then which one will you buy? A bike having a good mileage but low speed or a bike having a good speed but not so good mileage? You must buy the good one comparing the both of mileage and speed.

According to your health the fact is the same. Both having so high metabolism or so low are not so good. Because If you have a high metabolism then what calories you gain all burn before it can work for building your health. In other hand if you have a low metabolism, you will be fat quickly though eating so little and it can create weakness also.

Suppose you can say that you have a high metabolism by born. Then you may ask whether there is any way to increase your weight or not.

Yes of course there is a way and today we will discuss about that.

In the previous article I said that if we pass the whole day without doing any work and just lying on bed, our 1700-2200 kilocalories will burn only for our survival. In that calculation our 55-75 calories burn to happen all the internal health related natural process. If you work, then this burn of calories ratio will be increased. So who are the hard gainer their calories burn just after they have foods. In addition in they burn calories for the natural health process per hour. For that reason, they don’t have the extra calories in their bodies to increase their weight. So it is so easy to understand that to increase your weight your system has to hold the extra calories in your body and only you can and have to do it. Let’s see how you can do so.

We need 1700-2200 kilocalories to survive and these numbers of calories come from the foods we eat 3 times in a day. Everyday numbers of acquiring calories are not the same. Some days it is low some days high. If you have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner by giving a break of 5/6 hours, then you must eat something little but having high calories 3 times also between these. In this way your body can reserve extra calories after burning the essential calories for your health. Your system will convert the reserved calories in to fat. As a result your weight will increase.

When you eat at one time, this food take 2.30-3 hour to be digested. By this time all the calories burn and your system become ready to acquire calories. So eat something after 2.30-3 hour except eating after 5-6 hours. Suppose you are eating light foods 3 times as well as eating the main courses 3 times. In this case whatever you eat every time, try to have 450 calories from the food you have. If you want to know which food contain how much calories then read the previous post for once. Don’t take foods of 1000 calories at a time or don’t eat too much. Eat little with a short break. In the other hand we can say that eat a little but again and again.


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